Demonstrative Evidence graphics

Clarify and Simplify Your Ideas

Demonstrative Evidence makes your point quickly and clearly.  We simplify complex concepts into words and graphics so they are easily understood by everyone in the courtroom.

From Your Napkin Sketch to Professional Graphics

We transform your initial rough ideas into professional graphics and carefully crafted wording. The result is your point becomes easy to understand, memorable and compelling. Powerful.

Think Big! Make Your Point with Impact.

Make your point from across the room. Evidence boards up to 4ft. x 6ft., letter size pages for easy handling. Electronic files included.

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You Know Too Much!

You’ve lived and breathed your case for months. You’ve deposed an army of witnesses and experts. You understand both sides inside-out and backwards. So, how do you avoid dangerous assumptions?

That’s Good and That’s Bad.

Good that you’ve put in the time, done your work well. But, it is Bad because you’re too close to it. From this position, it is dangerously easy to assume the jury will understand what you think is obvious. The only safe assumption is you can’t assume anything. However, Demonstrative Evidence can make sure your exhibits are easy-to-understand, memorable and compelling. 

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Ignorant Outsiders

That’s us. We know nothing about your case. We are good at asking hard questions designed to strip away possible confusion about the point you need to prove.  We expose the simple truth without acronyms, insider information or industry jargon. Our goal is to make the evidence so clear a sixth grader can understand it. Don’t make them work, make them say “Aha!”, I get it! Of Course!

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